How to buy high quality anti-static clothing


Nowadays, the production workshop requires employees to wear anti-static clothes to ensure the quality of products, so now a large number of anti-static clothes have emerged in the market, and the price and quality are uneven. For some buyers, they will be at a loss when purchasing. So how can they purchase qualified anti-static clothes? Now let's talk about the points for attention when choosing anti-static clothing
1、 Cloth for making anti-static work clothes
Anti static clothing is a special anti-static fabric, which is made of polyester fabric with warp or weft embedded conductive yarn. It has the characteristics of effective anti-static, dust-proof, thin and smooth, and clear weave.
2、 Performance parameters of antistatic overalls
The appearance of anti-static clothing is almost the same, only with the naked eye is not to see, the correct way is to use static test equipment to test anti-static clothing, in line with the standard can be assured purchase.
3、 Qualification and strength of antistatic clothing manufacturers
1. Inquire about the business license of the manufacturer, qualification certificate of related products and test report!
2. You can also inquire about the operation time and scale of the manufacturer. Professional manufacturers can avoid a lot of after-sales problems, and choosing strong manufacturers is also conducive to after-sales protection.